Friday, September 13, 2013

@ Prologue's 2013 year-end party

"Best party food in years!" 
Patty Jarvis welcomes the artists to the celebration.
This was the comment from many artists present at Prologue's party for artists, board members and staff to celebrate the end of the year last June.

Maybe it had to do with Patty's decision to trade the potluck concept for some catering services. Good call!

Jon Laurie-Beaumont, Pat McCarthy
and Nathalie Vachon
James Croker entertaining Patty's mom.

Rukhsana Khan tells an anecdote from schools' presentations.

Ruth Preston, chair of Prologue's Board, thanks the artists.

Rukhsana's husband takes a stand!

Shannon Thunderbird talks about a kid's comments.


Stéphanie Filippi and Clea Iveson (Ballet Jorgen)

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