Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Road trip for Greg Frankson!

Want to know to what extent Prologue's artists will go to get shows into the schools?

Here's a except from Greg "Ritallin" Frankson's new blog Cytopoet from last week, October 15th (Day 7 of his tour of the schools in British Columbia organized with our sister organization Arts Start in Schools in BC): "It was the most harrowing experience of my life. I was saying prayers all the way down, but especially in the steepest section. There were a couple of moments when I wondered if life was about to end for me."

Here's a YouTube clip of the Bella Coola Hill Climb from somebody else he posted on his blog to show us what he meant (have a look at minute 2:34!). Bella Coola is 47 km of steep, narrow road with sharp hairpin turns, bordered by a drop of hundreds of meters without guardrails. (Also read the description of his Day 9, when he got his first experience of bush flying to get to Shearwater!)

Greg Frankson is featured in Prologue's new Travellin' Slam show for high schools (more details in the Storytelling section of prologue.org).

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