Thursday, November 7, 2013

Art Wink: Cinema and music meet... real life.

Music to the rescue

In this inspiring Youtube clip, a teacher explains to a student that he saw something in the movie The King's Speech he wants to try with him. This movie is telling the story of King George VI and his speech therapist (and got Collin Firth an Oscar) and the teacher's student has a serious stammer. 

To us, at Prologue, it illustrates how eager high school students are to hear stories of expressed (and conquered) vulnerability. We've actually seen it with our own eyes when watching All-Star Slam at work in high schools. They're our new extremely interactive urban poet slam performances (search All-Star Slam in the Storytelling section of for details).

The good teacher makes the young man listen to music as he reads... (Apparently, music and language share an overlap in the active centres of the brain.) See how the teenagers in this high school celebrate the student's success. 

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