Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Your first blog... ever!

A small step for humanity...

1) First you put the title in the top box
2) Then you write your text in this box. 
3) Highlight the whole text and go in the menu to choose the size of font. Select Large.
4) If you put a subtitle (like I did with A small step for humanity), highlight it and choose the Largest font option. Put it in bold while you're at it by clicking on the B.
5) Go to Labels on the right hand menu to add a category. (Look for the categories of the blog to make sure your post will show in the appropriate category.) You can add all the key words you want (to help people find this blog through Google).
6) Click Done at the bottom of the Labels section.
7) To add a photo, make sure the photo you want to add is on your computer and you know where to locate it. Click on the little Polaroid icon in the top menu. A window will appear, asking you to Choose files, upload it. Once you're done, click on the Add selected blue button. 
8) You can play with the photo by clicking on it to highlight it. You can shift it to the right or left, make it bigger, add a caption under it.
9) You can add a link (to an article, a website, a blog, a Youtube clip). Highlight the words you want to link. Click on the Link in the top menu. A window will appear, with a place to copy the url address. Click OK when you're done.
10) You can click on Preview in the top-right menu to see what your post looks like. Then return to this page and click on the Publish orange button. Check the View blog button on the top-left page to see what everyone else will see.

11) Not happy with it? Click on Design on the top right page of the blog page. The dashboard will apprear. Click on Posts in the left hand menu, it will lead you to the list of all the posts. Bring your curser under the title of your post, and four options will show: Edit, View, Share, Delete. Click Edit if you just want to change something in your post. Click Delete if you want to delete the post. 

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