Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cadence at the Free Concert Series

Cadence was the last group to perform in 2013 in the fantastic Free Concert Series offered by the COC at the Four Seasons Centre.

Yesterday, Cadence worked its charm in the excellent venue Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre (within the Four Seasons Centre), the perfect setting for them.

They never cease to impress us at Prologue. Wether they are booked for a private gig in warm Singapore, an outdoor number in cold Toronto Christmas Market, a cool show in a school or a classy act for the COC, they always perform with the same energy, contagious love of a cappella music and obvious pleasure of working together.

The Free Concert Series (which will resume on January 7, 2014) includes an amazing line-up of performances through out the year, in different categories: Piano Virtuoso, Jazz, Vocal, Chamber Music, World Music and even Dance.

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