Thursday, December 5, 2013

Emails Marketing TIPS: clickable image

Click on this image to see what's around
Prologue's office in case Good
Warehouse during Christmas time.
(We also learned how to make an image
clickable on blogger!)
We were really glad at Prologue when we learned how to make an image clickable in our emails!

The emails you personally send to people on your mailing list are still more efficient to reach people than Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the social media tool box. There's also the fact that an image draws more attention than simple text.

Therefore, adding a clickable image in your emails is a good way to drive people to your website, blog, Youtube account, any information you want which has an URL address. 

Here's how it works with Mail, the email application on a Mac, but the steps remain the same, whether you use Outlook or Gmail. 
If you're sending email through Outlook, check this video! Using Gmail to send your emails? Read this article on how to make an image clickable on Gmail.

1) Include the image in the body of your message.
First write your message and place your cursor where you want the image to show. With Mail, you can simply drag the image from your desktop into the message. (With Outlook, the thing to remember is to first go to Insert in the upper menu, then click on Picture to see the image in the body of the message.)

2) Highlight the image in your message.
The image will change colour when it is highlighted. 

3) Find the URL you want to link to your image. 
Use your usual way to add a link to the text of your message. On a Mac, go to Edit, then choose Add Link. A box will appear, in which you paste the URL you want to link with the image. Then click OK.

4) Add a little invitation to click on the image.
It is better to add an invitation to click on the image so people know it is clickable and what they will access if they click. 

5) Then press Send.
Here you see the message sent by Prologue, and the web page the end user accessed when clicking on the image. Cool, isn't it?

More tips in the For the ARTISTS section of our blog Showtime!


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