Thursday, December 5, 2013

Facebook Marketing TIPS: EdgeRank algorithm

When it comes to social medias, we're all learning as we go, aren't we? Have you ever wondered why some people say they haven't seen your latest post on Facebook? 

Yesterday, we learned something about Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm that explains why. It's the EdgeRank algorithm which decides whose post you'll view in your news feed.

Basically, it looks at the 50 PEOPLE YOU LAST INTERACTED WITH or VIEWED THEIR PROFILE. Then, it focuses on those people's posts in your news feed over the pages you haven’t viewed in a while.

So, it is important to remind your fans to LIKE your posts from times to times when they see them or view your profile page, to get your clever posts in their news feed! 

Here's a good article on on tips to stand out on Facebook.

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