Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Prologue's Year End Party 2014

Here are a few shots from Monday's Year End Party (for Prologue's staff, artists and board members), in which a certain girl was serenaded and got a lot of hugs.

Monday's party celebrated the end of another school year but it was also about saying goodbye to our Sales Manager Mary Beth MacMillan, who's leaving Prologue at the end of the month. 

Susan Habkirk, who was Prologue's acting Executive Director when Mary Beth was hired, gave a speech to bid a fond farewell to her former colleague. 

It was the perfect occasion for many to serenade her (the four a cappella singers of Cadence, Jack Grunsky, Mike Ford, Marla Brennan from Faustwork Mask Theatre, and our own Jon Laurie-Beaumont, all performed).

Susan Habkirk, Prologue's Director for 18 years, on far left.
Patty Jarvis, current Executive Director at Prologue, far left

Cadence starts to serenade Mary Beth.

They need a moment, their glasses getting all foggy...

Mel Hurst, chair of the board (left)
with Kurt Sampson (Cadence)

Jon Laurie-Beaumont
with Marla Brennan (Faustwork)

Year End Party spread

It never fails. When most of the guests have left, the musicians who stay behind grab an instrument and start to jam.

The things we found out by staying until the end? Cadence guys can actually play the guitar and the piano. Our own Jon is indeed a musician (check his website). 

We discovered that Mike Ford is the voice behind the coolest ad Tim Hortons has produced in years. It's even funnier in person. (Listen to the ad!) 

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