Monday, September 29, 2014

EDL Toronto 2014 went Latino and French with Prologue

What a fun crowd!
All those who attended last Friday's event organized by Prologue at Alliance Française (in partnership with EUNIC group) will agree. It was a blast!

In celebration of the European Day of Languages (EDL is always on September 26), many activities were offered throughout the world, and one of them took place in the new venue of l'Alliance française de Toronto. It was a full house with 150 students (Grades 7 to 12) from different schools, who were treated with Maderaz Latin Music and Faustwork Mask Theatre. Both companies are part of Prologue's roster of companies performing for young audiences in schools and communities throughout Ontario. 

Maderaz presented four lively songs from different Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America (from their show Fiesta and Carnival). Taking advantage of a crowd which warmed up quickly to the Latin rhythms, they invited many students to come and jam and dance with them on the stage. "How many people from Columbia in the room?", asked Edgardo, the guitar player. The audience was quite multicultural but none were from Columbia. "How many from British Columbia?" Still nobody, but it got a good laugh from the teenagers. (See many more photos at the end of this post!)

Their act was followed by Marla Brennan's one-woman French performance of Le masque est le message (The Mask messenger) from Faustwork Mask Theatre. 

With her back facing the audience, Marla would prove again and again how simple masks work their magic. "How can a rigid object express so many different personalities?" did she ask after acting out different characters using the same mask. One thing for sure, the students left the room with a new understanding of the importance of body language in communication.

Following an hilarious presentation, Marla led the whole crowd through a dynamic workshop. It's amazing how much can be done from one's seat in a theatre! (One can imagine how much more Marla can do in a gym!) 

Here are some of the photos taken during the event. You can bring the same kind of fun and energy to your school! All you've got to do is call Prologue at 416-591-9092 (or 1-888-591-9092). Search for Maderaz and Faustwork Mask Theatre on for more information about these two companies.  

By the way...
Do you know what Speak Dating is? Read about the Speak Dating activity adopted last year and offered again this year during the European Day of Languages 2014. 

Every year, EUNIC group (including the following organisations) get together to create a special day filled with events: Goethe-Institut Toronto, Alliance Française de Toronto, Camões Toronto, Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto and Spanish Centre.  


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