Monday, October 27, 2014

Chris McKhool wrote the sweetest marriage proposal

Turning YEARN into YES!

We seldom hear Sultans of String perform songs with lyrics but when they do, it gives little gems like this one!

Watch Will You Marry Me? sung by Chris McKhool on YouTube, accompanied by the band with glimpses of their performance with Scarborough Bluffs Symphony Orchestra (over 84,000 views last time we checked). This lovely song was his own wedding proposal to his wife... (We invite you to subscribe to their YouTube channel while you're there to show your appreciation!)

Of course she said yes! Who wouldn't?  (You can get this song in your playlist for 99¢ on iTune!)

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About the video
Sultans of String's official video of Will You Marry Me? was filmed at the top of Riverdale East Park in Toronto, one of the best locations in town to admire the cityscape, especially at night!

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