Friday, October 3, 2014

Pinterest explained to my daughter: Opening a Pinterest account

Are you a bit confused about how to start a Pinterest account? You'll see, it's simple.

Hello, I'm Nathalie, the marketing girl at Prologue. Very glad you're visiting our blog! 

At Prologue, we have started to create Pinterest boards for our artists to help teachers make the most of the shows, before and after the performance. We think Pinterest offers a wonderful complement to the study guides accompanying all the Ontario shows booked through Prologue. 

Here's a pin found on Pinterest by searching
for the two key words Pinterest + jokes
You're new to Pinterest? Here's how I led my own daughter Roxane through the process. I'm working from a Mac on Firefox. The look on your screen might be different but you'll get the gist. (If you have an iPad, you will need to download the free Pinterest app.)

Beware! It is addictive!  

Still there? Good! Join the club!

1) First, go to to sign up.
It will prompt you to write your email and a password. 

Pinterest will then start to "talk" to you. Put your name and gender (for their stats) and click on "Come on in".

2) Pinterest will ask you to click on a selction of images to get you started. It will make you "follow" some boards that could be of interest to you. (Don't worry, you won't be stuck with these boards for ever, you can unfollow them later.) 

When you've clicked on enough images, a red "Follow" box will appear at the bottom of the page. Click on it.

Pinterest will ask you to confirm your email. You will need to go into your mailbox to click on a link. And voilĂ . You'll access your new Pinterest feed page (filled with the pins of the boards you have started to follow by clicking on the images earlier). 

3) The landing page you'll get when logging on is ever changing. Whenever someone adds something to one of the boards Roxane is following, it appears on that page. This is the page she can always go back to when she clicks the small Pinterest icon on the left of the search box (on top of the page).

4) Now that Roxane has a Pinterest account, she can see what's on Prologue's Pinterest page (the one hosting Prologue's boards). This is what she will see when she clicks on the link to Prologue's page:

Coming next: How to create a board on Pinterest

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