Tuesday, January 13, 2015

All about MUSIC and MUSICAL THEATRE: Prologue's artists, links, resources, articles...

Prologue's Music roster and other resources
This page offers a table of contents of Prologue's music-related resources. 

Music roster for 2014-2015
Looking for an engaging music performance for young audience? Click on the names below to access our website's pages with details for each artist and company offering music performances and workshops. Or click here to access our interactive Music catalogue for 2014-2015. (Note that you might need to download the PDF and "allow" to access its interactive components.)
Boris Sichon
Canadian Opera Company
Celtic Rathskallions
Chris McKhool
Cosima Grunsky
Fana Soro
Jack Grunsky
Khac Chi Bamboo Music
Maderaz Latin Music
Mike Ford
Sheesham and Lotus
Shoestring Opera
Silk Road Music
Sonic Escape
Sultans of String
TorQ Percussion Quartet 

(Note that the mosaic is also interactive.)

Also check this trio of musical theatre performances!

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