Monday, January 19, 2015

For Prologue artists: Use your Prologue page to promote yourself!

Time to share!
We’ve changed a few things on the website and each artist page now has its own URL. So, link away. 

You might not have noticed before Prologue's website was initially set with a "cookie" requesting the first-time users to choose between school performances or public performances, and French or English shows. Direct links to specific pages did not work and marketing opportunities were missed. 

We've circumvented this problem by blocking the cookie option into the default English/School performances option and you can now use the link to your Prologue page to promote your school performances and workshops by email or on social media.

How to create your link?
Go to www. and type your name in the search box. Here, we are using Nathalie Vachon as an example. We typed "Nathalie"...

 ... and got to a listing of her shows and performances.

Clicking on any of her shows' descriptions led to her artist page.

See the long chain of words and characters (in blue) under her name on the top of the page? This is the URL address that you want to link. It changes for every artist's page. (See how it is different for Tribal Vision or for Fana Soro.)

If you simply copy that link and post it, it will look like this:

You don't have much choice on Facebook. This is what people will see when you post your link. But you can make it look prettier on emails or blogs by copying your URL and linking it to your name or the name of your show. Example, Nathalie Vachon would use Nathalie Vachon or Imagination on the Lose! on emails or blogs.

A line to promote her show would look like this:
"I performed Imagination on the Lose! at the AGO and the kids loved it!"

instead of looking like that:
"I performed Imagination on the Loose! at the AGO and the kids loved it!" (see 

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