Thursday, February 12, 2015

Snow days and other last minute cancellations

Late or stuck?
The groundhogs have spoken. Six more weeks of winter and all of its perks: ice, wet socks, blistering cold winds, excruciating commutes, and snow…always more snow. 

So far we have thankfully only had one "Snow Day" and very little performances that subsequently had to be rescheduled. There are however many other unexpected reasons that may interfere with your ability to show up on time for a booking (or at all).

Here's what to do if you know you'll be late or stuck:

1) Call the school 
You should always have the school’s phone number and their booking contact’s name handy before you head out to a performance. This information is included in your Artist’s Schedule (Two/One Weeks Out and Scheduled Performance Details tabs). Inform them on the status of your arrival and let them know that Prologue will be contacting them to make all necessary arrangements.

2) Call Prologue
Call 416-591-9092. If you know who booked the performance for you (listed under Agent in the upper right corner of each performance listed in your two and one week out schedules), dial their extension. 

Otherwise, when in doubt, dial 227! You’ll reach me (Émilie) and I will be happy to help. DO NOT PRESS "0"! Doing this sends you straight to Pat McCarthy’s voicemail. She is the Education Consultant and won’t be able to help in this situation as she works part-time and doesn’t have access to our database.

3) Wait for Prologue's call 
We will contact you to confirm the status of your booking.

Stay warm out there!
And don't leave home without a charged phone!

Émilie Charlebois, 
416-591-9092, ext. 227
Sales and Administrative Assistant
Assistante à l'administration et aux ventes

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