Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Paulas are baaack!

Following a six-year hiatus, the Paula Awards are once again offered to support Prologue's artists and companies.

The recipients of 2014's Paula Awards were announced during Prologue's Christmas party last December: Marla Brennan (with Faustwork Mask Theatre), Shoestring Opera (represented by Anne Rankin on the photo) and Kahurangi Maori Dance Theatre.

Left to right: Patty Jarvis, Marla Brenna, Mel Hurst (Chairman) and Anne Rankin.
Some background
In 2000, a donation of $50,000 was received from long-time Prologue Board member Paula Butterfield and her husband David. This generous donation was directed to an Arts Endowment Fund held in perpetuity by the Ontario Arts Foundation, and was matched "dollar for dollar" by the Fund.

Prologue will never be able to thank enough Paula and David for this gift that keeps on giving!

It was then decided by the Board of Directors that the interest received from the Fund would be used in whole or in part to fund the Paula Awards.

Nature of the awards:
The Paula Awards are awarded in December, at the discretion of a special committee led by Prologue's executive director, to one or more Prologue artists or companies, to assist with the development of new work to be eventually featured on Prologue's roster.

About the submission process:
In August, Prologue's artists are invited to send their submission, before a specific deadline in early October. This submission should include:
• A cover letter that specifies the amount requested, states when the completed work will be available for touring, and outlines the artist or company's need for the funding.
• A projected budget for the request.
• A complete outline of the work in development (for dance or music) or a script (for theatre, puppetry, storytelling)

What happened between 2008 and 2013?
The interests received from the Arts Endowment Fund vary over the years. While the interest increased steadily from 2001 to 2007 (from $3,004 to $10,178), the market changed in 2008. 
The interest received on March 2008 to cover the 2007 Paula Awards did not cover the full amount. It was therefore recommended by the committee that we don't offer the 2008 Paula Awards and keep the interest received in March 2009 in reserve.

The same decision was made for interests received in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. In 2014, with a solid reserve in place, the Paula Awards have been reinstated.

Paula Awards recipients since 2001

2014 Paula Awards (total $9,500) 
• Shoestring Opera ($1,500 towards French translation for The Shoestring Hansel and Gretel)  
• Marla Brennan ($1,500 towards final development costs for The Dancing Juggler/La danse de la jongleuse)  
• Kahurangi Maori Dance Theatre ($1,000 towardsfinal development costs for Matariki) 

2008 to 2013 Paula Awards (not offered) 

2007 Paula Awards (total $9,500) 
• Autorickshaw Duo ($2,000 towards costs of a director and props for a new show) 
• Red Sky Performance ($3,500 towards costumes, sets and props for Trickster
• Silk Road Music ($2,800 towards rehearsal and music costs for La Francophonie autour du globe
• Shannon Thunderbird ($1,200 towards sound recording costs for Daughter of the Copeer Field

2006 Paula Awards (total $9,500) 
• Ballet Creole ($2,950 towards final development costs of Drum Masquerade
• Rukshana Khan ($1,000 for final development of Work in progress
• Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre ($3,100 for the costs of a projector, video camera and lights for The Flying Canoe
• The Trillium Brass Quintet ($2,450 towards completion costs of Dance Music

2005 Paula Awards (total $8,500) 
• Breadbox Theatre ($1,500 for Blue Moon
• Cadence ($2,000 for Four Men, Four Mics, No Instruments
• Kahurangi Maori Dance Theatre ($3,500 for Taonga Teasures
• Motus O Dance ($1,500 for East of the Sun, West of the Moon

2004 Paula Awards (total $8,000) 
• Ballet Jörgen ($2,000 towards costumes for The Emperor's New Clothes
• DuffleBag Theatre ($500 to cover cost of a preview performance of Robin Hood in a school in need) 
• Lalalere Productions ($1,500 towards costumes and props for En Pijama
• The National Tap Dance Co. of Canada ($2,000 towards rehearsal costs of Able dis Able
• Silk Road Music ($2,000 towards costs for their production of China Speaks Your Language

2003 Paula Awards (total $8,000) 
• Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre ($4,000 for three weeks rehearsal of The Tempest
• Waterwood Theatre Projects ($4,000 to assist with two weeks rehearsal of The Memory Trunk/Tales from an Empty Fridge

2002 Paula Awards (total $6,500) 
• Kanata Native Dance Theatre ($5,000 for the final rehearsal of Journey
• Shannon Thunderbird ($1,500 to assist with the final development costs of Thunder Coming Down the Mountain

2001 Paula Awards (total $5,000) 
• Ballet Creole ($3,500 to assist with the cost of a three week rehearsal for Toute Baghai
• Emerita Emerencia ($1,500 to assist with the cost of a two week rehearsal for Leap into Summer)

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