Friday, March 6, 2015

What can do for professional musicians? Plenty.

We knew was an excellent resource for business people. What we did not know is that the online library offers 22 video courses related to the business of music! 

Amongst those who caught our attention: Blogging Strategies for Musicians and Bands, Twitter for Musicians and Bands, and more courses about mailing list management, website management, YouTube, social medias basics, Facebook, Pinterest... You can preview them on their website.

The courses with video clips are quite user-friendly (you can pause whenever you want), with a clear outline of the course to follow AND written text that appear along with the clips.

5 tips to get the most of your course

1. We've tried it ourselves and there's no hidden cost. You pay a monthly fee of $25 to watch as many online course as you want. You can cancel anytime and they will stop charging the following month.

2. Register when you know you'll have some time to explore.

3. If you cancel a couple of weeks after, you won't have to pay for more than two months (a total of $50 for the access to 22 courses!)

4. You can opt for the premium monthly fee of $37.50 and have access to the downloads of course text. Instead, we used the "screen shot" function on our computer to capture the texts of the course we saw on the screen. 

5. We even did screen shots of a few courses we did not have time to watch before the end of our subscription.

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