Thursday, May 21, 2015

The new catalogue is done. Now what?

Every year, starting in February, we bug artists and companies to be featured in our coming catalogue, stealing precious time from their jam-packed schedule to get all the data that we needed. All this, so the printed version of the new school catalogue can be ready for the first week of May.

Have you ever wondered what we do with it?
Putting together the new catalogue is just the first step of a long chain of marketing actions Prologue does throughout the year. Wondering how we “milk that cow”?

• Mass mailing (mid-May) to over 6,000 contacts from schools, daycares and libraries.
• Emailing of PDF version of the catalogue (mid-May) with invitation to reorder printed catalogues to schools who have bought at least one show from us in the last 3 years.
• Distribution of the new catalogue at our yearly showcase to educators and their families (also open to the public) (see Prologue Children's Festival 2015) (Our 2016 event will be on May 18, 2016, contact to be included in the Eventbrite!)
• Addition of the description of the NEW artists, shows & workshops on Prologue’s website (early May)
• Update of the returning artists information on Prologue’s website (1st week of July, once current school year is over)
• Creation of a linked version of the full PDF (during the summer) for email promotions throughout the year (linked to website pages)
• Blog update with new programming (during the summer). Ex. of posts on our Showtime blog referring to the current roster: How to choose a Prologue performance, A to Z list of Prologue artistsLooking for a show based on a book?, Need a French or bilingual performance?, etc.
• Emailing of linked PDF version to full emailing list (September)

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