Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Toolkit to easily share Prologue's new Arts Advocay clip!

If you know us, you know how involved Prologue is with the Arts Education. We’re now asking you to kindly help us spread our NEW video clip. WATCH IT on Youtube (and please like it!)


We’re really proud of this passionate Arts Advocacy piece created by spoken word artist Andre Prefontaine. We wanted it to be a reminder Arts in the schools simply means more avenues of expression for all children so they can become well-rounded individuals.
Learn more about this clip.

Here’s how you can help us share the clip! 

On Facebook 
1) Go to this post on Prologue's Facebook page.
2) Please LIKE it while you’re there. Then share! (It will have a bigger impact on your friends/colleagues if you add a comment to tell them why you like it.) 

3) Cut and paste the following text on your Facebook page:  
Prologue’s NEW CLIP by spoken word artist Andre Prefontaine. A passionate piece on how the Arts help many children find their voice and express themselves at school. CHECK THIS OUT! http://bit.ly/1Jpmyx4
On Twitter
1) Cut and paste the following text in a post on your Twitter page:

WATCH @PrologueArts soulful clip on impact of #ARTS onchildren! http://bit.ly/1Jpmyx4

2) Add this visual (you can drag the image onto your desktop), tweet and, please, follow us on Twitter (many, many thanks!).

By email
1) Copy the following title in the subject bar of your email:

A soulful clip to support ARTS education!

2) Invite your colleagues and friends to watch Prologue's clip, including the YouTube clip What are we fighting for?  or the  full URL link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6hTu9ZTCyQ.
You may cut and paste the following text: As a believer in Arts education, I invite you to watch, like and share Prologue's cool clip for Arts advocacy: What are we fighting for? 
3) Add this visual (you can drag the image onto your desktop), and send.

(We mentioned we would be eternally grateful, right?)

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