Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Our new friend Vistaprint

"My music and my lyrics are essentially 
                  emotional postcards."   – Sarah McLachlan


We just had postcards printed at Prologue to be distributed at the annual CODE conference. Budget is always a concern so we were very happy when we checked the prices on www.vistaprint.ca. And even more when we saw how used-friendly it is. And, bonus, it is also fully bilingual!

We wanted a 5 x 7 inch postcard. Their sizes are in mm so we selected the Medium (178 x 127 mm). It already gave us and idea of the price (for the simplest option).

Then, we clicked on "Browse our designs". There were 205 pages of options that you can search by categories or key words.

We already had the design in JPEG for our postcard so we chose the first option "Upload a complete design". If you don't have a design, you simply select one of the design options and will be able to replace the words on their template with your own (you'll also be able to select the font, the size, the colour).

The system asked us to confirm the size.

Then, we simply imported our design by selecting our JPEG image from our computer.

Once uploaded, all we had to do was to drag the thumbnail of our image into the template. We clicked Preview and saw what it would look like (our favourite part!).

The system allowed us to position and enlarge our design until we liked what we saw.

We did a 2-side postcard. You can also see what it will look like.
(WARNING! Later, when we received our order, we realized that our recto side was printed upside-down. What they show is what you seen in your left hand and how it shows if you flip it from the left to the right, into your right hand.)
Then we selected the number of postcards we wanted to print. There was a special promo going on, so instead of $124, we paid $78 for 500 full-colour 2-side postcards!

We choose to pay for the speedy delivery, which added $20 to our bill (there were cheaper shipping options). Total cost, tax and shipping included, was $110.71.

A few days later, we got an email confirmation of shipping from Vistaprint, and it looked like...

... this! We're now ready to attend the 2015 CODE Conference. ;-)

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