Monday, September 28, 2015

Uploading a clip? On YouTube? On Facebook? On both?

Jon at the office had heard about concerns regarding uploading YouTube clips on Facebook, now that Facebook offers autoplay and encourages everyone to upload them directly from Facebook.

We dug a bit deeper and found this convincing post on ReelSEO (The Video Marketer's Guide) on the lower ranking YouTube clips get on Facebook. It's a good thing the article How to get the most YouTube video views on Facebook provides a few tips on how to work around the problem, isn't it?

What's the problem?
The problem with uploading your YouTube link on Facebook is that your link will be seen by fewer people because Facebook will rank your post lower. 

The problem with uploading your clip directly on Facebook is that viewing it on Facebook won't register as a view on YouTube. 

It will register as a view on Facebook, but this can be misleading because of the autoplay function on Facebook. 
On Facebook, "views" means you saw it autoplay when scrolling down without any doing on your part.

On YouTube, "views" means the actual number of people who actively watched your clip.

Bottom line, what is your goal? 
Do you want to spread a call-to-action, promoting a specific show/event? Then you will want to hit the crowd through all your communication channels, uploading directly on Facebook for the maximum visibility.

Or maybe you want to show a higher number of views on YouTube to prove the interest of people for your creations and gain credibility? Then you'll want to follow ReelSEO's advice, as we did. (Prologue's goal is to collect the maximum views on YouTube, an easy analytic to illustrate our impact in the Arts community.) 

Try this trick!
Here's what ReelSEO recommends:

• Create a 10-second teaser for your YouTube clip
(See our own little teaser for Andre Prefontaine's poem.) 

• Get a shorter version of your YouTube URL on

• Upload your teaser directly on Facebook (same place where you click to upload a photo) 

• Add a sentence with your bitly link, and publish (see our post).
Don't forget to "Pin to Top" your post (click the V top right of your post to access the option)!
It will ensure that this post is published on top of your Facebook page, before any posts you publish later. (A little yellow tag will appear on the top right corner of your post.) You can "unpin" whenever you want.


I don't know if Jon asked you for a 10-sec teaser snippet?
He was concerned about how Facebook now shuns posts with YouTube links.

I did some research and Jon is right.
On the other hand, our goal is to collect the maximum views on YouTube, an easy analytic to illustrate our impact to Prologue funders and stakeholders.

A blogger offers a solution:
• Create a teaser snippet of your clip. I recommend 10 sec.
• We will upload it on Facebook
• We will add a little blurb that will make people want to click a bitly-shortened version of the YouTube URL of your video.

Facebook won't consider it a YouTube link.
We won't loose the ranking.
We will benefit from the Facebook autoplay.
People will be teased into clicking on the link.
They will share it.

I sincerely thing it's the way to go, in addition with all the other actions we'll do with the YouTube link, to get the best visibility.

Do you think you could fix up a catchy 10 sec. teaser?
We would need it by Sept. 7.
The goal of this teaser is to be very interesting visually, with maybe a few key words flashing, like the name of the kids Andre talks about?

But we're open to other suggestions.

Have a great weekend,


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