Monday, September 28, 2015

What do a breadbox and a suitcase have in common? Emil Sher!

Emil Sher has a knack for creating big-hearted worlds out of small objects.

He's the founder of Breadbox Theatre, and creator of its school play School Bound, in which a breadbox turns into a magical world. He's also the playwright of the much-acclaimed adaptation of Hana's Suitcase for the Young People Theatre, where a suitcase becomes a portal into the lives of Japanese students, a young Jewish girl in a concentration camp and a Torontonian!

YPT is once again producing Hana's Suitcase to launch its 50th season with a bang and Prologue attended a very interesting forum referring to this play to discuss the use of art to teach history. 

Emil Sher (currently YPT Resident Artist Educator) was one of the panelists and George Brady and his daughter were in the audience! You could feel the respect everyone has for the artistic adaptation Emil did of Karen Levine's book, with the creative team of the YPT.
As Nancy J. Webster, YPT's Executive Director, said: "The play "has become a classic in nine years, and that's a testimony to all the artists who participated but certainly to Emil as well". 

The published version of the play is called Hana's Suitcase on Stage. It features both the original book and Emil's adaptation. During the forum, we learned that many schools have taken the script and made their own production of the play throughout the world. This definitely deserves a High Five!

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