Friday, October 30, 2015

Facebook TIPS: How to link a Facebook (or a Twitter) post

A small step for humanity but a big step for us!

Have you ever scrolled down to find a post on your Facebook page you were particularly proud of to show it to someone? One good post you wished you could share by email? Well, we have! And we recently learned a very useful trick. It's probably Facebook 101 material for some people but we've asked around and many more don't know about this. (Update from Dec. 1, 2015: Good new! We just discovered all the following also applies to Twitter posts!)

First, you go to the post you want. For this example, we'll select the post we did a few days ago about our next Artist Exchange. See the part of the post that we circled in red? (You'll find the same on any Twitter posts). Click on this section and...

... you will access something like this. See the part circled in red? This the URL for that specific post. And a URL is what you need to share on web pages, blogs, emails and Twitter.

Copy this URL and paste it where you need. In this example, we've chosen to create a new Facebook post about the Artist Exchange without repeating all the info. When copying it in the status box, here's what we saw.

We added some text and choose to upload a different visual. (When we published, we realized that our text was too long, which required people to click to see the full message with the link, so we edited the text and published.
With shorter text, the link shows up on the screen.
Note that the section circled in red shows the time when the post was published.

This section changes all the time but always give the same URL. If you click on it, you see something like this, once again with an URL you can copy and paste anywhere you want.

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