Tuesday, November 24, 2015

TOP-7 TIPS about Twitter we really, really want to use

Guilty as charged... at Prologue, we have not gotten yet to be very active on Twitter, but we want to! Here are the TOP-7 tips we found out there. It's a good start! 

1) Number of characters
You can write 140 characters (you'll see directly on your post if you use too many.)
TIPS: Try to use around 100 characters in your post.
Why? If you use up the 140 characters...
• People can't add their own comments when retweeting
• You won't have room to add a photo
• Shorter posts get more attention

2) What to tweet about
The best content to tweet about varies depending on the nature of your business. Performing artists interact with many people: fans, venues, media, event organizers, fellow artists, etc. Twitter is a good way to interact with them.
TIPS: Tweet to the venue you'll visit (they often retweet); mention  the fellow artists attending events with you; talk about your experience during an event (use the event's hashtag!); link interviews, reviews; post photos or links about latest creations; celebrate career milestones; give behind-the-scene information about your daily life as an artist or about the creative process at different stage.
Why? People are curious!

3) Use of # (hashtag)
You can use the symbol # right before a word (leaving no space between # and the word)
TIPS: Don't use more than one #
Why? Many researches reveal that you get fewer retweets when using more than one #

4) Use of photos
Tweets with photos get more attention. You can add photos under 3 MB, clicking on the Media picto in the post box (you can also add video clips)
TIPS: Don't use photos that are under 440 pi x 222 pi
Why? The photo won't show on people's home page (even if you see it on your account's page)

5) Use of links
Tweets with links get more attention.
TIPS: Use platforms like bitly.com to reduce the number of characters in the URL of a link you want to share!
Why? The photo won't show on people's home page (even if you see it on your account's page)
(For example, the URL for our super ARTS advocacy clip is 83-character long! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6hTu9ZTCyQ&list=PLtbwDOqfHrq6Ynzr-tVbcPOjBATFanffX. When we ran it through Bitly it became http://bit.ly/1Jpmyx4.)

6) Best time to tweet
Not everyone agrees on this one but in general...
TIPS: People tend to check their Twitter account in early afternoons, and they check it more later in the week, but less on weekends.
Why? Probably because it is a quick way to stay connected during the working hours.

7) Best way to get retweets
When people retweet (share) your post, you get more visibility
TIPS: Researches reveal that the best way to get retweets is by asking! "Please Retweet", "Please RT" or "Retweet"
Why? It's a "call to action" that is easy to do.

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Some sources:  
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