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Facebook TIPS: 15 content suggestions your fans will love

We were curious to see what we would find if we surfed on all of our artists' Facebook pages. We were hoping to find embarrassing posts to show at our Prologue's Christmas Party. No such luck... ;-) Most entries were straight forward (dates and venue directions, special offers, links to reviews, announcements of milestones, etc.), but some stood out! 

Here's a collection of 15 TIPS on "good stuff" to put on your Facebook page. We hope these inspiring examples will help you dare to better communicate who you are and what you stand for.

1) Describe your experiences 
"We had a blast with our audience of high school arts (...) 
You know you're striking the right chord when Vivaldi 
and a Drake-Hotline-Bling Dance Off happen 
within 5 minutes of each other!" 
 (from INFINITUS' Facebook page)

A fun surprise awaited Tribal Vision Dance at one of the schools they visited recently! "Last workshop of the year! And students at Holy Trinity in Guelph brought us their text book and yes, Naomi is in print! Yeah!!!"

(from TRIBAL VISION DANCE's Facebook page)
2) Post great theme-related material
(from RAG & BONE PUPPET THEATRE's Facebook page)
Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre are passionate about polar bears. After all, they're the company who created the lovely puppet show The Last Polar Bears. They never miss a chance to post cute polar bear photos. In their show, we can also see the cutest little knitted penguins...

So it's no wonder we found the following post on their page! It's about a 109-year old Australian who knits tiny sweaters for... rescued penguins! 

(Curious about this story? Click here.)
3) Talk about work in progress and making-of
(from CORPUS' Facebook page)
Corpus posted this gorgeous photo, taken in preparation for a new show, therefore involving their fans in the creative process. One of them commented: "Ha ha, I saw the photo in my feed and thought 'this looks like something Laura would do' Low and behold, dancing ballerina in the city!" When someone recognizing you on the spot, that's what we call good branding!

4) Dare to mention the elephant in the room
Other artists don't appreciate brand recognition as much. Ask singer-songwriter Mike Ford, who's been miserable throughout the reign of our previous mayor and posted this:

(from MIKE FORD's Facebook page)
5) Do good name dropping
Different mayors get different reactions. Take Canada's Ballet Jörgen for example. Their version of The Nutcracker includes a moose in a canoe. A few days after they had posted this photo...

... they posted the next one, writing: "Guess who!? Mayor John Tory made his debut as the Moose in our Nutcracker this afternoon. Bravo! Bravo!"

(Mayor John Tory in CANADA's BALLET JÖRGEN's Facebook page)
6) Pass on the (darndest) things kids tell you
You could say NATHALIE VACHON got "mixed" reviews from the school she mentioned on her Facebook page: "Such a warm welcome from students and staff, such attentive audiences... and my favourite part? Two Grade 1 students came up after the show to give a short thank you speech. A little blond girl with big eyes and I think a missing tooth said 'on the half of all the students, we would like to thank you for coming to our school'..."

7) Speak from the heart
Sometimes, it's the artists' turn to thank other people in their life. We were very touched by this tribute to his grand-parents by Andre Prefontaine (spoken word artist with ALL-STAR SLAM) on his Facebook page: "These two have shown me what it is like to walk with grace when times are tough; to set goals and aspirations when all I wanted to do was give up; to be kind yet stern and laugh when appropriate. To love with all you got. Words can't do it justice, maybe crying in the airport can, but this week I got to connect with my family tree in a way I haven't: these are my grandparents, and if you like me, even a little, you have them to thank."

8) Share lessons learned
On her Facebook page, COSIMA GRUNSKY wrote: "One of the many things my dad taught me was to always stop and support the lemonade stands run by kids. You are not just giving them a loonie, you are giving them hope and confidence." 

Speaking of Cosima's dad, JACK GRUNSKY, we couldn't help but laugh when he warned us on his fan page that "Once again, I shamefully use Facebook to self-promote... TA DA! Finally, my new CD of songs 'Stirring Up The Dust' is released and available through my website, and also on various download sites like eMusic, Google Play and soon on iTunes and Amazon, thanks to the folks at Indiepool."  

Don't worry Jack, it's OK. You can "brag" all you want on Facebook!

9) Tell the cool stories, and write follow-ups!
Apparently, many passersby around The Esplanade followed the advice of Cosima's dad and bought $300 worth of lemonade from 12-year old Pauline so she could accompany Corpus to China! The company asked for our help by sharing a link on the crowd sourcing platform (which raised $1,640).

Later on, they posted this photo of young Pauline: "Our Esplanadian Pauline is now in China with Corpus Dance Projects, which is performing Les moutons in twelve different venues throughout Xi'An. Not only is she helping the dancers before, during and after the shows, but she has also discovered the Terracotta Warriors, climbed a sacred mountain, visited temples, rode a tuktuk and much more."  

(from CORPUS' Facebook page)
10) Include your fans! 
Cadence have mastered the art of selfies, with a good eye on how to position themselves for a fun shot. They never miss an opportunity to include their fans. Many fans. Lots of fans.... Like 20,000 of them (as posted during their gig at the Taichung Jazz Festival in Taiwan).

(from CADENCE's Facebook page, without the fans)
... with the fans
11) Dare to be a bit foolish
Chris McKhool redefined the selfie last time he visited the KidSparks playground at the Ontario Science Centre. Good one, Chris!

(from CHRIS MCKHOOL's Facebook page)

"We are in Acton this week! Had a close call with an airplane cause I noticed a tank following us! LOL" posted Tribal Vision Dance with this photo.

12) Celebrate (and tag) your sponsors/partners
"These are just a few of the heads we'll be using on our drums for upcoming shows." This post by TorQ Percussion Quartet would have been misleading if not accompanied by the following picture, and preceded by this sentence: "Thrilled to officially announce that we are @remopercussion artists!"

(from TORQ PERCUSSION QUARTET's Facebook page)
13) Share your marketing tips
"A little bit of doodling before our afternoon show in Sault Ste. Marie... Leaving our mark wherever we go!", wrote DuffleBag Theatre with their usual whimsy, before their Beauty and the Beast school performance.

(from DUFFLEBAG THEATRE's Facebook page)

14) Do timely/seasonal posts 
Sultans of String jazzed up their Christmas photo-op... last July (with a little help from Photoshop) with great result, so they could add this cool visual post in December.

(from SULTANS OF STRING's Facebook page)
Cosima Grunsky went retro, with this pretty home-made Christmas card (which she confessed having drawn herself in a later post).

(from COSIMA GRUNSKY's Facebook page)
15) Use humour, whenever you can!
After sifting through our artists pages, we thought it was only fair that we'd share a few posts found on Prologue staff's own Facebook pages. Here are a few funny personal entries.

Remember: if you think you might be ashamed by something you write, don't post it (better send an email)!

Stéphanie Filippi (our bilingual Education Outreach & Touring Manager), made her choice during the Toronto Christmas Market when prompted to choose between naughty and nice. She accompanied this picture with: "Actually a no brainer, wholehearted choice after all...", to which a friend commented: "Bragging again?"

Jon Laurie-Beaumont (Sales manager and Artist Relations), posted this scrumptious photo with "When your girl let's you sleep in while she goes grocery shopping and makes potato pancakes... you know you've got a winner".

Another one at Prologue who got herself a winner is our own Émilie Charlebois (Operation and Resources Coordinator), who peppers her personal page with gorgeous photos like this one (for the good reason that she got married this year!).

Patty Jarvis (Prologue's Executive Director), is a good sport. She wrote:"I'm sure Hilary is flattered" when she shared the little joke we posted on Prologue's Facebook page. One of her friends commented: "I want YOU for president!"

Pat McCarthy (our Education Consultant), said she regretted not having a proper Facebook page, after seeing what others post on their page. 

As for me, Nathalie Prezeau (part-time Marketing Manager for Prologue), unlike Émilie, I'm far from being a newly web. On the morning of our 23rd wedding anniversary, my husband and I went for a fancy brunch and left this note for our grown kids on a huge pile of dirty dishes. Translation: "Hey guys! Today is our wedding anniversary. ;-) P. S. Dishwasher is full!"

(By the way, it worked! We returned to a clean counter!)

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