Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Facebook TIPS: How to ask your Facebook Friends to LIKE your Facebook business page

If you're in the situation where you mainly use your personal Facebook pages to promote your shows, products or services, you might have found out one or two things by now:

1) Facebook allows you to have no more than 5,000 friends on your personal Facebook
So? If you've been active enough to gather anything near that number, good for you! It's a cool problem to have. But you might want to do something about that! We have compared the Facebook pages of all the companies on Prologue's roster over the last two years and have noticed that most have grown by approximately 10% without even trying. (Those who actively worked grew much more.)

2) Business Facebook pages can't tag a personal Facebook page

So? A vast majority of people work from a Business Facebook pages: media, bloggers, venues, other fellow artists, etc. They can't tag your personal page so you don't know they're talking about you. Their fans who read about your show/product/service and are interested can't click on your name to get to your page and find out more info about you.

A good practice is to start to talk your Friends into LIKING your Business page.

Want to do what Sylvain did?
First of all, don't forget that the screen shots posted here were taken in December 2015. This is how the Business Facebook pages look now... until they don't.

We recently got this email from Sylvain Grenier's Facebook page (he's the leader of CréaSon, a company on our roster):
 When we opened the message, we saw this:

We clicked on LIKE and it led us to Sylvain Grenier's new Business Facebook page SCRAP, which we liked on the spot.

Prologue has no personal page so I decided to ask my own Friends to like my own Business page Toronto Fun Places to illustrate how it's done.

1) I went to my Business Facebook page and clicked on the arrow on the right of the Promote button appearing on the right of my header photo, and I selected the option Invite your friends.

 2) The name of my friends showed up. I clicked on the Invite box by the name of all the friends I wanted to suggest to LIKE my page.

3) Facebook confirmed to me that the invitation was sent. (When friends accepted, it eventually indicated Liked by their name.)

4) If I were in the situation where I had hundreds of friends to convince to LIKE my business page, I would also explain on my personal Facebook page what I was doing, saying something like this with some fun visual: "I've recently personally invited my Facebook friends to LIKE my Toronto Fun Places page. Thank you so much for your support!" 

5) I would also keep my friends posted on the increase of LIKES  on my fan page: "Very cool! Before I asked my friends to LIKE my page Toronto Fun Places, I had only 250 LIKES. I've now reached 500 LIKES, thanks to you!"

6) Finally, I would start to post the "good stuff" only on my Business page but would let my friends know on my personal Facebook page: "I just posted a photo gallery of my last visit to see the 12 Trees of Christmas on Toronto Fun Places. Check this out!"
Want to know how to link a specific post on Facebook? Read this post!

All the best,
Nathalie Prézeau
Marketing Manager for Prologue

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