Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The end of an era: sticker warehouse Sandylion (Stickers and More) is closing for good!

The things that stick with you!
Do you remember the first time a teacher put a sticker in your workbook? Parents know that it makes a child really proud to be able to show off a newly acquired sticker. So do teachers. That's why they're the biggest customers of sticker suppliers like Sandylion. 

A few years ago, teachers' best kept secret Sandylion Sticker Designs moved to a new location, changed its name to Stickers and More Warehouse and Store, and switched from rolls of stickers to flat packs of 12 sheets, remaining the favourite bargain place for stickers in the GTA.

Located at 109 Doncaster Avenue in Thornhill
We visited the place last week when we heard that they're about to retire, closing for good at the end of April 2016! (They might continue selling online but could not confirm this in January 2016.)

Time to stock up!
Whether as a teacher (for rewards, decoration or motivation boosters), or as a parent (for loot bags or craft activities), now is a good time to stock up in stickers.

Expect amazing discounts! Sticker sheets usually go for $1.50 in retail stores. Stickers and More normally sells them in flat packs of 12 sheets for $4.50. They're now priced at $3.50/12 sheets, which is 29¢ per sheet! Add to this an additional 50% discount on every purchase of $100 and over. Which means that if you buy $100 worth, you'll pay 15¢ per sheet instead of $1.50.

Larger stickers that normally sell for $2 are sold at $2 for six at the warehouse, which brings them down to 33¢ a piece, or 17¢ with the 50% discount. 

The offer stands until closing time at the end of April 2016. 

Teachers Contest
By the way, Prologue to the Performing Arts will soon launch its Art Sticks with You Contest offering teachers and staff in education a chance to win hundreds of sticker sheets (a retail value of over $500). Sign up to our mailing list so we can keep you posted!  

Large stickers are 6 packs for $2
Here's a series of photos of interesting supply we saw in their store in mid-January 2016.

$1.50 for packs of 5 sheets
These great $7 reusable sticker pads are not part of the 50% discount offer but I just love them!

We saw 6 different options of reward stickers
We also saw interesting supplies for scrapbooking:

50¢ for double-sided cardstock
Gorgeous die cut paper part of duo of double-sided paper + die cut paper $1 for 6!!!

About stickers
Here's an interesting article with tips to better use stickers as motivation boosters in the classroom.

We found this post showing photos of fancy things artists made with stickers.


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