Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Interested in Asian Heritage Month?

May is Asian Heritage Month! Here's a selection of artists that you might want to consider around the month of May, to celebrate Asians (and South Asians) and their contributions to Canada. 
Click on the name to access the artist's page on our website and discover:

Khac Chi Bamboo Music
Funny Bamboo Music
A funny introduction to the unique Vietnamese musical instruments created over 4,000 years of history 

Little Pear Garden Collective
Tales of Goddesses and a Painter
A performance by Canada's foremost company of Chinese dance

Menaka Thakkar Dance Company
Wise Monkey, Foolish Crocodile
A timeless classic from an ancient Indian collection of animal fables by Canada's oldest Indian dance company

Silk Road Music
China Speaks Your Language
The beauty of Chinese-Western musical collaboration

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