Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Photo gallery for Prologue Children's Festival 2016!

On May 18, 2016, we presented our Children's Festival in St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts. What a great space to showcase our artists and to welcome educators, parents and children to celebrate arts education in the schools!

We prepared well with the help of our wonderful volunteers.

A pre-show was offered in the lobby with Cosima Grunsky and Philippe Flahaut, and with Little Big Frog friend Myque Franz from Faustwork Mask Theatre...

 ... completed with some craft activities and our cool tattoo to mark our coming 50th anniversary!

We had the chance to have with us Joan McCordic, one of the five co-founders of Prologue! (From left to right: Mel Hurst, Prologue's Chairman of the Board, Susan Habkirk, Prologue's former Executive Director and Joan McCordic.)

Mel and Wendy Hurst

Before the showcase, Christine Jackson (TDSB's Program Coordinator, The Arts) was chatting with Patty Jarvis, Prologue's Executive Director and enjoying conversation with Board member Kevin Ormsby, unaware that we had a surprise for her.

Mike Ford's trademark guitar
Mike Ford hosted the evening with amazing energy and performed short tunes between the numbers. Click here to watch his interactive and fun-filled performance.

The first act opened with TorQ Percussion Quartet performing on their impressive five octave marimba. Then, they invited two volunteers onstage to participate in hilarious music-making. The young people continually placed different objects on a table, so TorQ members could create different sounds, highly entertaining for all! TorQ closed with an energetic garbage cans jam.

Trevor Copp (Tottering Biped Theatre), performed his own take on the traditional French storytelling technique of mime. In this clip, you can see him turn into a giant before your eyes. Fascinating! His number was followed by Quintroversy Woodwind Quintet, "directed" by narrator Daniel Wheeler during their performance of Peter and the Wolf.

Christine Jackson was called on the stage to receive Prologue's very first Arts Champion Award. This new yearly initiative will recognize individuals who have played a major role in supporting Arts education. Christine graciously accepted her award with a soulful speech on the impact of arts education on the children. Almost a third of the public in the audience raised their hand when she asked who was in a theatre for the first time. It was very gratifying to see a concrete proof of the value of our showcases to introduce children to the performing arts.

Esmeralda Enrique Spanish Dance Company charmed everyone with two beautiful dances.

Mike Ford closed the evening with students from St. Michael's Catholic School. A few weeks prior to the festival, he had led a song writing workshop for them, in which they created a song about the St. Lawrence neighbourhood. Every performer joined them at the end on the stage.

We're hoping to see you at Prologue Children's Festival next year! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find out about our coming events and activities.


  1. The Children's Festival sounds like an amazing event. I love the idea of bringing children, parents and educators together; it’s a great way to encourage children to keep on learning. It sounds like the children had a blast with the stick-on tattoos, craft activities and live entertainment. I’m glad the co-founders of Prologue were able to attend the event.

    Christie @ Waldorf School of Baltimore